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Julia Child's Kitchen Wisdom
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Most of all, you will not be disappointed in the recipe jewels contained within these 4 discs of French cooking joy:

  • 101: Beef
  • 102: Fruit Desserts
  • 103: Salad Days
  • 104: Our Favorite Sandwiches
  • 105: Vegetables
  • 106: Beef Stews—Pot Roast and Burgundy
  • 107: Fish
  • 108: (Not-Quite-Traditional) Roast Turkey Dinner
  • 109: Soup
  • 110: Eggs
  • 111: Pork
  • 112: Creamy Desserts
  • 113: Shellfish
  • 114: Roast Chickens
  • 115: Soufflés
  • 116: Winter Vegetables
  • 117: Charcuterie: Sausage and Paté
  • 118: Comfort Food: Poached Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie
            & Apple Tart Dessert
  • 119: Salmon
  • 120: Roasts of Veal and Lamb
  • 121: Potatoes
  • 122: Duck

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What makes this book unique is the richness of information they offer on every page, as they demonstrate techniques (on which they don't always agree), discuss ingredients, improvise, balance flavors to round out a meal, and conjure up new dishes from leftovers. Center stage in these pages are carefully spelled-out recipes flanked by Julia's comments and Jacques's comments--the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime of honing their cooking skills.

  • Appetizers--from traditional and instant gravlax to your own sausage in brioche and a country pâté
  • Soups--from New England chicken chowder and onion soup gratinée to Mediterranean seafood stew and that creamy essence of mussels, billi-bi
  • Eggs--omelets and "tortillas"; scrambled, poached, and coddled eggs; eggs as a liaison for sauces and as the puffing power for soufflés
  • Salads and Sandwiches--basic green and near-Niçoise salads; a crusty round seafood-stuffed bread, a lobster roll, and a pan bagnat
  • Potatoes--baked, mashed, hash-browned, scalloped, souffléd, and French-fried
  • Vegetables--the favorites from artichokes to tomatoes, blanched, steamed, sautéed, braised, glazed, and gratinéed
  • Fish--familiar varieties whole and filleted (with step-by-step instructions for preparing your own), steamed en papillote, grilled, seared, roasted, and poached, plus a classic sole meunière and the essentials of lobster cookery
  • Poultry--the perfect roast chicken (Julia's way and Jacques's way); holiday turkey, Julia's deconstructed and Jacques's galantine; their two novel approaches to duck
  • Meat--the right technique for each cut of meat (along with lessons in cutting up), from steaks and hamburger to boeuf bourguignon and roast leg of lamb
  • Desserts--crème caramel, profiteroles, chocolate roulade, free-form apple tart--as you make them you'll learn all the important building blocks for handling dough, cooking custards, preparing fillings and frostings
  • And much, much more . . .
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